Are you the parent of a Canadian child (under 18) who experiences delays or other issues when traveling due to being identified on Canada’s no fly list?Are you and adult that has travel problems due to the Canadian no-fly list? Join us to help resolve this issue for Canadians today and tomorrow.

STEP 1: Contact us to share your story

As parents ourselves, we promise to be discreet, confidential, and to respect the privacy of your family. We will add your information to our continually updated list of families affected by this issue, advise you on how to contact and communicate with your government representatives and keep you updated with developments.


Facebook: No Fly List Kids Facebook Group


STEP 2: Apply for redress with the PPIO

In response to our voiced concerns, the government has created the Passenger Protect Inquiries Office (PPIO) where you can inquire about your case. We have yet to hear of any families we know having their case resolved by the PPIO, so don’t expect much, but you should contact them just to do your due diligence.

Passenger Protect Inquiries Office

STEP 3: Apply to DHS Trip:

If you’re not sure whether you are on the Canadian list of the US list (the US list is even applied for many Canadian domestic flights that fly near US airspace), please apply to the US redress system: Our goal is that Canada should have a redress system for its own list, just as the US already does.